What Changes Can We Expect to See in the Refrigerant Reclamation Industry?

refrigerant reclamation

As natural refrigerants and hydrocarbon refrigerants (like CO2 and propane) grow in popularity, many individuals are wondering what will happen to the recovery and reclamation industry. Unlike the CFCs, HCFCs and HFCs that have been or are currently being phased out, natural HCs can be released directly into the environment, eliminating the need for the refrigerant recovery process currently in place. But just because HCs don’t need to be recovered now, doesn’t mean that this won’t change in the future.

Refrigeration news site www.achrnews.com recently released an article about the future of recovery and reclamation, leaving us with much to think about. Some professionals believe that naturals may need to be recovered in the future, meaning that as older refrigerants are phased out of the recovery process, the newer ones will be phased in.

Why? Recovering refrigerants saves money, allowing us the same materials instead of constantly searching for a new supply. Also, in certain environments, the release of CO2 or propane in a confined space could be dangerous, making machines that are able to safely recover flammable refrigerants a must.

And speaking of flammability, as the flammable HCs slowly grow in popularity, it is believed that new regulations will need to be put in place for venting. One question that will have to be asked is, “How close can venting areas be to potential ignition sources or flammable materials?”

The refrigerant reclamation industry has much to think about as the materials used around them change, but luckily it does not seem that these changes will cause their demise. Most reclaimers do not believe that HCs and naturals will completely take over the market, with HFOs and combinations of HFOs with low-GWP HFCs – both of which will need to be reclaimed – being tailored for use in larger refrigeration equipment.

To learn more about the changes occurring in the refrigerant reclamation industry, check out the original article here.

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