Supermarket Growth Expanding Commercial Refrigeration Market

commercial refrigeration

According to a report recently released by P&S Market Research, the global commercial refrigeration equipment market is expected to grow from $37.03 billion to $55.69 billion in the next six years. The company attributes much this potential growth to the expected increase in walk-in cooler sales, along with the steady purchasing of replacement units here in the US.

Walk-In Coolers in Emerging Markets

As the number of middle-class consumers increases in areas like Asia-Pacific, Latin America and the Middle East, families are moving towards a more western lifestyle – opting for frozen foods and ready-to-eat meals as they shop in emerging supermarkets and retail food chains. Walk-in coolers and display refrigeration units are a must in these stores, and with supermarket growth expected to continue in the years to come, it can only be expected that walk-in cooler sales will increase accordingly.

Replacement Units in the US

With the refrigeration market saturated here in the US, the majority of sales are expected to come from the purchase of replacement units. Not only are small grocery stores working to keep up with their big name competition by purchasing higher-quality units, but industry giants are also known for upgrading their equipment to the newest technology every five to seven years.

The consumer push for energy efficiency is also expected to play a role in sale of replacement units, as EPA regulations become stricter and companies work to label themselves “green”.

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