HVAC Industry Adapts as Skilled Labor Pool Shrinks

HVAC technician

It is no secret that the skilled labor pool has been shrinking for years, and that HVAC companies must work hard to find workers in a market that is incredibly competitive. As it becomes more and more difficult to find welders and refrigeration mechanics, HVAC manufacturers have been working on solutions that will allow less skilled laborers to complete the job on their own.

Simplified Systems

Advancements in technology have allows HVAC component manufacturers like Nortek Global HVAC and Victualic Co. to create more simplified systems, helping the industry adapt to the shrinkage of the skilled labor pool.  Nortek has created a simplified inverter system installation guide for mechanics, while Victualic uses grooved mechanical pipe couplings that provide a flame-free alternative to the welding of pipes.

Plug-and-Play Equipment

As HVAC systems become simpler to install, more and more homeowners (with DIY experience) are purchasing HVAC systems, water heaters and other equipment at their local hardware stores and performing installation themselves. Without welding and soldering to worry about, some see this as a cost saving alternative, but there are safety hazards, warranties and proper installation techniques to take into consideration before getting to work.

According to ACHR News, moving to plug-and-play equipment is a completely normal trend, as items like ovens and kitchen refrigerators used to require professional installation too.

While plug-and-play HVAC systems may become a more popular option for homeowners, we do not believe that it is a viable option for business owners, as the machines are much larger, and emergency maintenance availability is a must.

Here at Weather Control Inc., our team of experienced HVAC mechanics can provide your business with the equipment you need and the maintenance required to keep it in top shape. Visit us online or give us a call at 703-370-5200 for more information about our DC, MD and VA area services.

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