HVAC Industry Adapts as Skilled Labor Pool Shrinks

HVAC technician

It is no secret that the skilled labor pool has been shrinking for years, and that HVAC companies must work hard to find workers in a market that is incredibly competitive. As it becomes more and more difficult to find welders and refrigeration mechanics, HVAC manufacturers have been working on solutions that will allow less… Read more »

Advice for Lowering Your Summer Energy Bill

reducing summer energy bill

With the air conditioning in your home or business cranked to keep you and your guests comfortable, your summer energy bill can really skyrocket. And since none of us want to spend more on heating and cooling than is necessary, Weather Control Inc. has put together a list of simple tips you can employ to… Read more »

Have You Scheduled Your Annual HVAC Cleaning?

HVAC units

As you open the doors of your business to let some fresh spring air, you are probably putting together a mental list of spring cleaning tasks you would like to complete. And if you haven’t already written “HVAC Maintenance” on your list, we recommend adding it right away. Your HVAC system should be cleaned at… Read more »