The Early Beginnings of Refrigeration


Long before the rise of modern cities and the push to incorporate more fresh fruits and vegetables into our diets, ancient civilizations were trying their hand at refrigeration. Greeks, Romans and Egyptians found unique ways to keep their food and beverages cool, burying meats in pits filled with snow and placing pots filled with water… Read more »

Installing a Standby Generator with Your Commercial Refrigerators

standby generator

Whether you are a large grocery chain or a small mom and pop shop, keeping the produce in your refrigerators and freezers cool is of the utmost importance. Losing power because of a downed power line, natural disaster or lightning storm can take a real financial toll on your business, but luckily there is a… Read more »

Supermarket Growth Expanding Commercial Refrigeration Market

commercial refrigeration

According to a report recently released by P&S Market Research, the global commercial refrigeration equipment market is expected to grow from $37.03 billion to $55.69 billion in the next six years. The company attributes much this potential growth to the expected increase in walk-in cooler sales, along with the steady purchasing of replacement units here… Read more »

Advice for Keeping Your Storefront Refrigeration Units Clean

grocery store refrigeration unit

There is nothing more unappealing to customers than a refrigerator that doesn’t sparkle and shine, which means that keeping yours clean should be a top priority. Sure, spills happen in the grocery store every day, but that doesn’t mean that your display units shouldn’t look pristine at all times. Simple, daily cleaning and regular maintenance… Read more »

HVAC Industry Adapts as Skilled Labor Pool Shrinks

HVAC technician

It is no secret that the skilled labor pool has been shrinking for years, and that HVAC companies must work hard to find workers in a market that is incredibly competitive. As it becomes more and more difficult to find welders and refrigeration mechanics, HVAC manufacturers have been working on solutions that will allow less… Read more »

Advice for Lowering Your Summer Energy Bill

reducing summer energy bill

With the air conditioning in your home or business cranked to keep you and your guests comfortable, your summer energy bill can really skyrocket. And since none of us want to spend more on heating and cooling than is necessary, Weather Control Inc. has put together a list of simple tips you can employ to… Read more »

Have You Scheduled Your Annual HVAC Cleaning?

HVAC units

As you open the doors of your business to let some fresh spring air, you are probably putting together a mental list of spring cleaning tasks you would like to complete. And if you haven’t already written “HVAC Maintenance” on your list, we recommend adding it right away. Your HVAC system should be cleaned at… Read more »

What Changes Can We Expect to See in the Refrigerant Reclamation Industry?

refrigerant reclamation

As natural refrigerants and hydrocarbon refrigerants (like CO2 and propane) grow in popularity, many individuals are wondering what will happen to the recovery and reclamation industry. Unlike the CFCs, HCFCs and HFCs that have been or are currently being phased out, natural HCs can be released directly into the environment, eliminating the need for the… Read more »